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Damian Falcone with Licenses

Damian Falcone has been pioneering credit and debt management services specializing in financial restructuring for clients in the state of Nevada since 2009, maintaining an incredible success rate with over 70% of his homeowner clients reaching agreements or lender sanctions within just four months of signing service agreements.

Damian Falcone is the founder of Falcon Credit Management (2009), the first and only company licensed in the state of NV to provide full service Credit and Debt Management Services. He also founded Damian Falcone & Co. (2011) to work with more complex financial restructuring specializing in foreclosure cases. Adding to the business model and efficiency of both Falcon Credit Management and Damian Falcone & Co. Falcone oversaw the development of FalconDox, industry-leading software specifically designed to provide financial responsibility and assistance through financial credit and debt management.



NV supreme court

Damian Falcone has been awarded 3 judgements from the Supreme Court of Nevada.

For over five years, following becoming licensed in the state of Nevada, Falcone has accumulated a list of distinctions including:

  • The first licensed service provider to be awarded a monetary sanction against a lender following foreclosure mediation in Williams vs U.S. Bank N.A.;
  • Maintaining the longest history in the state for lender monetary sanctions following foreclosure mediation;
  • Having held more licenses to negotiate credit and debt than anyone in Nevada’s history;
  • Achieving a 100% reduction on every type of debt: 1st Mortgage, 2nd Mortgage, Student Loan, Time-Share, Credit Card, Medical Bill, and Gym Membership.



In addition to his unique and robust credit service and debt management experience, Falcone achieved top performance in Series 7, 63, and 55 licensing examinations following his graduation in 2000 from Villanova University. Upon graduation, he received one of the few Proprietary Trading Jobs in New York City offered to recent graduates. Executing as many as hundreds of thousands of shares daily on the Nasdaq stock exchange he also accessed the NYSE and AMEX maintaining a finger on the pulse of the financial markets during the largest bull market in history as well as the record breaking decline that followed.

accreditations2Damian Falcone attended Villanova School of Business where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and Minor in Italian from the Villanova School of Arts and Sciences. In this same time he traveled to Europe to study and receive degrees in the financial markets, Literature, Art, and Language at two highly accredited Italian Universities: Universita di Urbino & Lorenzo Di Medici of Firenze.

In addition to his client work and development of FalconDox, Damian has the privilege to serve on the on the Board of Directors for the Construction Industry Worker’s Compensation Group headquartered for the past 20 years in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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