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Our specialized licenses and expertise allows us to act on behalf of our clients in ways more complete and effective when compared to other credit repair firms that only maintain single licenses. Just look at our results.

“We specifically keep our clients in their homes and work with them to reach their goals. Foreclosure and Bankruptcy have never been options for our clients.” – Firm Principal, Damian Falcone

Damian Falcone and Client Results

Full Service Credit Repair

As one of the only firms to offer full service credit repair, Damian Falcone & Co. is able to service every type of debt possible and provide multiple loss mitigation options for each. This means more options and better results for you and your credit.

The Only Firm in Nevada

We’ve become and work to maintain our distinction as the only Nevada firm licensed in all financial credit and debt negotiation practices. This allows us to provide a complete, full array of credit and debt restructuring options.

It also means we’re one of the few firms certified and legally able to evaluate and execute all of the following credit service and repair options on behalf of our clients.

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All Debt Settlement Options and Results Negotiated for Damian Falcone & Co. Clients

  • Repayment Plan – agreement where the missed payments are caught up (ex.At a rate of 110% of the current monthly payment)
  • Loan Modification – negotiating new terms normally following a delinquency
  • Short Sale – an agreement to sell the home and deliver the proceeds to the lender in full satisfaction of the mortgage when the mortgage is greater than the value of the home
  • Settlement – delivery of payment for full satisfaction of the debt
  • Forbearance/Deferment – a time where payments are suspended and not due
  • Reinstatement – paying missed payments to go back to good standing
  • Refinance – negotiating new terms following on-time payments
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure – an agreement to return the home in full satisfaction of the mortgage when the mortgage is greater than the value of the home

We have a higher percentage of lender sanctions and monetary awards for our clients than any licensed service provider in Nevada.

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Financial Expertise

Our specialized financial expertise provides for us to be an expert in all debt settlement options and tactics, not just those that require court or litigation action. Our firm’s principal Damian Falcone is one of the few financial experts handling consumer credit and debt management in the country. Most practicing firms are legal teams with little licensed hands-on negotiating, term management, and repayment experience and resulting damage to their clients’ credit reports.


Hundreds of clients have saved millions with Damian Falcone & Co. in the state of Nevada alone.

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