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Over the last decade we provided unique and comprehensive services while continually seeking improvement and efficiency. Software development that started in 2009 is our focus and we hope to have a do it yourself solution completed in the near future. We currently don’t offer any services related to consumer credit and debt but hope the free information we continue to provide on places like this site and Youtube are helpful. Our free instructional video library remains available.

Do you have debts that need to be prioritized? Are you spending money every month CONFIDENT there is a less expensive way? You don’t have to go through this alone. We’re here to help.

Debt Management is a service we offer at Damian Falcone & Co. that allows us to organize, negotiate and settle your debts. We have experience in helping people successfully manage all types of debt and we look forward to providing value in the future.

We understand things can sometimes get out of control, especially when an unforeseen circumstance or hardship strikes. The good news is you’ve found us and we can help; our incredible past results speak for themselves.

Most Licensed & The Only

  • Damian Falcone has held more licenses to negotiate credit and debt than anyone in Nevada’s history and the only person to hold the Uniform Debt Management, Covered Service Provider, and Credit Service Organization.
  • – we are not aware of anyone that has held 2 of these at the same time.


  • We have been involved with 100% reductions including Forgiveness, Quieted Title, Removal of Lien & Invalidation on every type of debt our clients have brought to us: 1st Mortgage 2nd Mortgage, Casino Marker, Student Loan, Time-Share, Credit Card, Medical Bill, Gym Membership.

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Often when our clients come to us, they are in need of more than one service that we provide. Feel free to browse and learn how other services may benefit you, or Get Started with us now and we’ll identify the best services for your goals and needs.

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