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Increase Your Creditworthiness

When buying a home, the size of your mortgage and the terms you qualify for play a huge role in determining the house and the neighborhood you and your family get to live in.

What you may not realize is your creditworthiness is the greatest determining factor for your future home and mortgage loan. Credit Repair is a key tool in ensuring your creditworthiness, credit history, and credit score are all in good shape for home shopping.

At Damian Falcone & Co. we provide services to negotiate the best mortgage loan terms and to ensure you get the best terms possible by providing true Credit Repair by evaluating, settling, and negotiating your debts as needed taking your credit history and credit worthiness to new heights for your financial health and outlook.

We can provide both these services as we are the only firm to hold both a Uniform Debt Management license and Credit Service Organization registration in the state of Nevada. This distinction includes everyone to offer our services in the State of Nevada as of 2018. Offering a complete financial service has allowed us to provide results and value to our clients. We have prioritized these key components to facilitate our long-term view of providing credit and debt management services to consumers.

NOTE: When buying a home or getting a new mortgage loan, avoid accessing your credit report in a way that will place an “Inquiry” on your credit report as you could severely damage your ability to repair your credit. An inquiry on your credit report will provide information to lenders and creditors that can impact credit repair. For example: an inquiry from a mortgage lender indicates you are shopping for a home. Lenders currently on your credit report are aware that they can provide more value to someone shopping for a home (by removing negative material) than doing the same thing for someone with no plans. At our company, we are able to provide access to your credit report without this issue or flag┬áthus allowing you to maintain what we believe is the best opportunity for both purchasing a home and getting your credit repaired.

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