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Over the 6+ years Damian Falcone & Co. has been in existence we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, over ten thousand hours, and relentless legal and financial expertise and resources to understand, master, and create the proven processes that have consistently created the success that our clients achieve.

We are proud to be the only service provider in the state of Nevada with both mortgage and credit repair expertise and negotiation success.

Damian Falcone with Licenses

As the first firm to win a lender sanction in the state in Williams vs US Bank, we have maintained the longest track record of lender sanctions and monetary awards for our clients because of our meticulous file tracking, communications, and process-oriented service delivery. Not only do our clients appreciate our success, the courts recognize it, too. We’ve also had three decisions put into law by the Supreme Court of Nevada because of our consistent and thorough expertise, incredible knowledge of the law, and relentless fight for consumer protections.

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